Him: I’m totally over my ex!! I’m done with her!
Then you add him on Facebook and all it is are posts about, yup you guessed it, his ex.
I miss you
Fuck that bitch
Wish she were here
Lots of pictures
And tagged her in every fucking thing.

Sunday Aug 17 @ 02:59am

I leave in one day and I am wasting my fucking time on some guy who does not give a shit about me. What the fuck am I even doing? He says all the right things when we are together, and he says them totally of his free will. Then when we aren’t together he doesn’t have a fucking second for me. I am honestly going to miss my family so much, and they are doing so much for me. Why am I even wasting a minute of my very few last ones thinking/texting/or hanging out with him?? 

Saturday Aug 16 @ 03:43am


i want to be ur favorite person and i want u to like me as much as i like u

Sunday Aug 10 @ 01:08am
Wednesday Aug 6 @ 12:20am
Wednesday Aug 6 @ 12:19am
Tuesday Aug 5 @ 01:25am
Monday Aug 4 @ 11:21pm

Saturday Aug 2 @ 06:37pm
Perhaps the fact
that I chased a boy
who ripped me to shreds
says a lot more
about me
than it did about him.
possibly my most favourite quote ever (via hardcore) Thursday Jul 31 @ 02:52am


this is so unbelievably beautiful

Tuesday Jul 22 @ 10:05am
Tuesday Jul 22 @ 10:01am
Is your older brother hot Ancient proverb (via jandjob) Thursday Jul 17 @ 05:59pm




Monday Jul 14 @ 06:37pm


I don’t ship them (because she’s too cute with Eric) but I think they would be the best of friends

Monday Jul 14 @ 03:42pm
Monday Jul 14 @ 03:38pm

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